September 06, 2007

Journal Quilts

I have been working on journal quilts this year, inspired by Jeanne Williamson and QuiltArt's Journal Quilt Project. My journals are small in size (5" x 5") and I am doing one a week. While I was in Russia, I did not let myself slack off and here are two of my journal quilts from that trip.
This is 30/52, and it combines images of the monument to Peter the Great (the founder of St. Petersburg) and one of the giant granite atlantes holding up the porch of the Winter Palace.
This is 31/52, and it is a mixed media collage of bus and museum tickets, matchbook cover and various fabric scraps. I had fun just doodling with pens, crayons and thread.

I really enjoy working on these little pieces, they are usually quick and easy and I can use them to either work out an issue that I am struggling with on a bigger project or just to experiment with a new toy.

I am looking forward to sharing them on a weekly basis....

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Anonymous said...

Great work, Natalya! I see that your trip is going to be a source of inspiration for a long time!! We missed you at the SAQA meeting tonight and spoke about you. Did you hear it!! All the best!