October 29, 2007

and now for a pagan tease...

This week I spent a big chunk of time working on my pagan quilt. These "in progress under the needle" pictures are actually not quite up to date, as I did tons more free-hand machine embroidery in all of those empty spaces. As most of my works, this is quite heavily stitched. Today I painted some chiffon, hopefully tomorrow I will get to attach it to the back. It won't be quite as dark as you see it here, this is sopping wet at the moment. I am waiting for it to get a bit more dry on it's own before I throw it into the dryer. And then, I am afraid this piece will have to hang out on my wall and wait for me and the Shiva Paintstiks®. I have a few other projects that need to jump ahead of the line... One of them is the new colorway for my Sketched Fairytales Fiber jewelry. I started painting some fabric for it today while I was painting the chiffon. I'll post more pictures of that painting tomorrow.

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