November 18, 2007

sketched fairytales blues

I have completed the blue colorway of my Sketched Fairytales Fiber Jewelry collection this weekend. It's probably a good idea to get it to the gallery before the biggest shopping weekend of the year, so out it goes tomorrow morning. This was a fun project, I enjoyed figuring out ways to make the blue colorway similar yet different from the red colorway. I even kept one piece for myself this time, shhh.... Oh, happy news also to report! I just learned that two of pieces were accepted to The 7th Annual Art Inter/National Exhibition... Here and abroad at The Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. They are Alenkii Tzvetochek/Crimson Little Flower 3 and Alenkii Tzvetochek/Crimson Little Flower 4. The opening reception will on January 12th. I am very excited to be selected to this exhibition, what an honor. Thank you!


verobirdie said...

Congratulations for the exhibition!
And this set of jewelery is beautiful.

Thanks for having visited my blog.

Annica said...

Congratulations Natalya! Well done!