December 14, 2007

and now on a warmer note... борщ

That's borscht for those who cannot read Russian... is it nesting? what is it about the cold weather that inspires one to cook hearty soups? This is the heartiest soup that I know how to make, not that I know too many. I always make too much of this, seems the recipe never works right if I just make a little. That's OK though, we share with the neighbors and freeze some individual portions for later.I am finished, done, finito with the Russian school Christmas pageant costumes. Here they are ready to go, almost looks like I am back in the costume business again, eh? I do miss those days sometimes... Although back then I didn't make too many frog, dog, wolf, bear, warthog, fox, and snowflake costumes all kid size.

I even had a chance to fiddle a little with my pagan quilt. It keeps talking to me as I spend time looking at it while working on other stuff. Now it wants more... well maybe tonight...

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jpsam said...

I love borscht! I just discovered your blog from And Sew it Goes. Did you make a journal quilt every week for 2007? I must go back and review your progress. I am thinking about that project for 2008. What size are your journal pages?