February 15, 2008

different inspiration

I am working on a few pieces whose images I am not ready to share yet. But I thought I would share the images that are serving as my inspiration. These are all pictures of buildings in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Vivien Zepf said...

Architecture can be so beautiful some times. Thanks for sharing these pictures; I can dream of Russia now!

Unknown said...

Hi Natalya, I love the "grandiose" architechture! It is so rich and full of beautifully proportioned details! I'm looking forward to the things your inspiration will lead you to!
PS I'm gathering all my blog friends around a little giveaway game on my blog, you can win a Paris Souvenir, if you'd like to:) Just leave a comment that you're in

Talk to you soon!

sukipoet said...

Thank you Natalya for this post and the other of buildings in Russia. They are stupendous. I love buildings and architecture in all it's variety. And these are very special as they are special to you.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

as you might suspect - I think St. Petersburg is breathtaking... glad you like it too!