February 29, 2008

happy leap year

very cool... the 29th of February...Well I finished some art today! Actually I finished four pieces, but I am only showing one. Mostly because I would like to photograph them all correctly before I expose them to the world. And also because I'd like to enter two of them in the upcoming Quilting Arts Calendar. I did not enter last years competition, so I'd really like a crack at this years, besides the theme "Celebrating Home" fits so perfectly with my art. At least I think so... Anyhow here's one of the four as yet unnamed pieces. This one will be going to the SAQA NY trunk show and later will be donated to the auction that'll raise money for SAQA. Here are two detail shots. Alright, now to name these, label them and photograph them... Oh and in case anyone is interested, they are silk organza, silk blend, dryer sheets and twigs, painted, free-hand machine embroidered and hand stitched.


sukipoet said...

I really love your houses quilt themes. I looked at your web site and at some of the artworks there. Truly magical. If I am ever wealthier than I am now and have a home in which to hang it I will buy one "in a heartbeat" as they say. Be well, suki

Vivien Zepf said...

Your house quilts will be perfect for the calendar. This one is lovely too; SAQA will be so pleased.