April 08, 2008


The next day, Saturday was the symposium at the Wayne Art Center. I attended five lectures, that hasn't happened for me in a long time... I didn't take any pictures that day, just notes and doodles.

The above was doodled at the lecture by Susan Brandeis, Living the Creative Life. Susan is a gifted speaker, I could have sat and listened for two more hours. She gave us points on how to "shoehorn our textile passion into the crevices around family, obligations" and here they are:

1. trust your gut
2. liberate energy, unlock doors, remove barriers

3. commit to continual growth and challenges
4. cultivate a broad curiosity about life
5. continuity: think and practice regularly
6. focus
7. balance the active and the passive
8. talk to yourself
9. take risks
10. move at your own pace
11. take yourself seriously
12. find community
13. try working collaboratively

14. find a mentor... be a mentor
15. avoid comparing yourself negatively to others

And one other thing she said - "call yourself what you are ~ artist"... A truly inspiring lecture that was..

I got to meet many interesting people that day. Other artists that I had long admired and always wanted to meet, and others that I had been in email contact with but never actually met before. A very long and stimulating day, that in the end felt like it was three days long. A good three days...

I close with an image of a detail of Moon Goddess by Lonni Rossi. I could not tear myself away from this piece, it was absolutely stunning, it looked wonderful at night under the electric lights and even more sumptuous in the
morning with daylight streaming in... Tomorrow I'll report on what I saw and was inspired by in the Philly galleries..

PS my website and email are still down, so please be patient if you have emailed me....

PSS this is my 100th post! whoo hooo!


Dale Anne Potter said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!!!

Kristin L said...

The symposium sounds great! Good for you for taking this opportunity to fill your creative and professional reservoirs!

Vivien Zepf said...

Great list! I think I may have to print that out and post it by my sewing machine. Thanks for sharing all this.