May 03, 2008

Collage Mania opens Monday!

Get out your pen and paper and go choose your favorite collages here (and scroll down). Because the insanity starts Monday morning May 5th at 9AM CST. On May 5th all collages will be available for a minimum donation of $80. On Tuesday May 6th at 9AM CST all remaining collages will be available for a minimum donation of $40. This is a fundraiser, so if you wish to donate a larger amount please feel free to do so.

More than 100 artists have donated 235 collages for this Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. FFAC's goal for 2008 is to raise $30,000 for the ACS to add to the more than $150,000 already donated.

Of course I just happen to be one of the artists who donated, so here a mini preview of one of my collages.. This is Chugunnoie Kruzhevo/Cast Iron Lace 2, and you can read about my inspiration here or in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scizzors.


sukipoet said...

Maybe I'm just dumb but can't find the link to see all the collages. I see a sign that says see all the collages but nothing i click on opens a page with the collages on them. I can try again as I often have to do. Hope the auction goes well.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

I just edited the post Suki, it is a bit confusing as you have to scroll down (way down) to see the collages... but please try! lots of beautiful art to see!

sukipoet said...

thanks Natalya. I knew it was probably something simple. I scrolled through a few pages and will return to see more soon. Yours are lovely.

Its interesting to see what is considered fiber art. IT seems as if as long as there is some fiber/cloth somewhere in the collage it's considered fiber art (vs the whole thing being made of cloth). Of course paper is fiber. I'm just thinking I guess some of my collages would qualify as fiber art. Even though I don't sew? Or do both fiber and sewing have to be included?

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

Suki, you don't have to sew to do collages, especially not for Collage Mania.. you work would definitely have been accepted, maybe you can join us next year?