May 11, 2008

happy mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! It's an excellent excuse to post some kid art I think... Here's a portrait of me by my four year old daughter. Apparently she wants me dye my hair blond.. hmm...don't think that's gonna happen.. and here's a double portrait of me and my older (almost six) daughter by the young artist herself. I am digging those outfits! Oh and we're eating brownies here. Everyone enjoy your day!


Kristin L said...

Mmmmmmm brownies and a cool bias cut skirt. It doesn't get much better than that!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Tracy Helgeson said...

I especially love your VERY long right arm! All the better to eat brownies with:)

sukipoet said...

Sweet drawings Natalya. Well, tell me, do blonds have more fun?

my croft said...

I have one word for you: sunscreen.

thanks for sharing the delights.

Lynn Cohen said...

What a talented daughter you have!
I adore the children's art.
To be framed of course!
Lovely. Delightful!