September 04, 2008

fiber revolution

I had an opportunity to help hang the Fiber Revolution - Fiber For the Imagination show at University of Connecticut last Thursday. It was the first time I had hung a show so I was very excited, too bad I only had a couple of hours to devote to this all day endeavor. Hard work it was figuring out the best way to hang and display all the beautiful work. And apparently I missed out on the great fun they all had getting mannequins into the gallery for the garments by Cindy Friedman, so sorry no pictures of them. Here are a few shots from that morning to whet your appetite for the actual show opening this Saturday. It is a wonderful space that shows our work beautifully. Do check it out the opening reception from 1P to 3P. My six Piterskie Okna/St. Pete Windows will be there for all to see.


sukipoet said...

Congrats on this show. You will be a star I know. How fun to help hang it. And it does look like a fabulous space. Best of luck. and that's great about your quilt on the calendar cover. You are a miracle!!

PaMdora said...

Looks like it's going to be a wonderful show. Too bad you had to postpone the opening though. Congratulations!