September 17, 2008


While in St. Petersburg this summer I met a very welcoming and generous group of art quilters. I called them with just days to spare before I was on my way back to New York and even though my contact Elena was in Norway she called in the troops and these wonderful ladies had me over for tea and show and tell.. It was a lovely evening and I remembered my camera so here are some pictures. The ladies are from Radova Quilt Club, which is 20 strong and participates in many shows throughout Russia and even in some European shows too. Before meeting them and Irina (here's my post on Irina), I had no idea that there were quilt shows in Russia. The ladies shared their work and magazines with me and even had gifts for me! Nadia, the maker of these fun corsets made out of mens ties, took the fabric necklace off her own neck and insisted it was mine. She had only made it the night before. Here is some work that was shown.. Elena Aleksandrovna, the hostess, gave me a beautiful quilled paper piece. She had whole wall of quilled flower pieces. Stunningly intricate work, I had never seen quilling in person before.She is a retired art teacher who quilts and quills! There she is below with her beautifully pieced quilt.

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Vivien Zepf said...

These ladies do beautiful work! How exciting that you all could get together.