October 09, 2008

brain like a sieve...

..that's me! Thank goodness for scraps of paper lying around, or I'd never remember anything. In this case - thanks to an email folder where I stashed an important notice... Back in July, July 28th to be exact, Fannie had nominated me for two blog awards - Arte Y Pico award, and Brilliante Weblog Award. Both these awards are presented to bloggers who inspire... and one is supposed to nominate other blogs for these awards. Thank you so much Fannie for nominating me and I sincerely apologize for being over two months late in acknowledging.. and since I am so late I thought that I would just share with my kind readers several blogs that I truly enjoy visiting whenever I get a chance.

These bloggers inspire me creatively and otherwise, they make me chuckle and generally uplift my day. Thank you to:
New Work and Inspiration by Lisa Call
PamDora's Box by Pam RuBert
Ornamental by Nina Bagley
Works by Tracy Helgeson
My Croft by Melanie Hulse
There are many more that I would have loved to link to here, but that would be just impossible..
Enjoy some good reads and art!


Fannie said...

Hi, Natalya! Lots going on in your world. Congrats on being selected for Virginia's invitational auction. Your work is extraordinary!

Thanks for sharing the links to some of your favorite reads. I'll venture to their sites and learn.

Congrats on the Quilting Arts Calendar cover! You really do have lots going on in your world, and I hope that you take more exciting journeys and receive more surprises and opportunities. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa Call said...

Thanks for the award!