October 01, 2008

a day at the bronx zoo

We had a wonderfully long day at the Bronx Zoo yesterday. Six little girls and their parents, let's just there was lots of action... Here are some photos that I really liked and then played around with in Photoshop. Most of them are from the butterfly garden, one landed on my daughters back and another on my hand. And the koi fish looked like they belong in a Russian fairytale... enjoy..


Deb Lacativa said...

now That is something I would take a day for while in NY. If you can believe it, my husband & I went to the Bronx Zoo on our honeymoon.

sukipoet said...

My folks took me to the Bronx zoo when I was a child. so maybe about 55 or more years ago. We have films of the ape scratching himself, an ape long gone I am sure. I wonder if the butterfly garden was there then?