February 27, 2009

torturing paper

Yep that's what the last two journal sketches are about. First let me suggest that one should never use paper that is too thin for collages, such as from a weekly newspaper magazine. Rips way too easily while being manipulated, soaks up way too much glue and then curls on you while you're trying to stick it down.... unless of course that is the effect you're going for...
Anyhow, I thoroughly tortured and was tortured by this collage effort
My intention was to be able to still see the fashion images after I was done, but I hated the way they looked with the paint that I put on them, so I kept covering them up more and more. In the end I put them in jail with those stripes and there they will stay...

I was happier with the second collage. I think it was more successful because of the abstract nature of it and less use of paint... ahem.. I used a stamp that I carved long ago, just bits and pieces and edges of it. Happier colors too.


Jill Smith said...

I love your art and come back often. I am doing interviews on my blog and wondered if you would like to have yours done, just let me know,

Lynn Cohen said...

Well yes, the second one has more a feeling of freedom and joy, the first behind bars made me laugh, but sorry too for your struggles.

BTW my dryer leaves got birds yesterday!