April 03, 2009

is it spring fever?

must be.... or how else can I explain my own flurry of art energy? All the life giving juices of nature are starting to flow outside. Trees are starting to bud, the early flowers are starting to bloom... and on this rainy day I have found myself with the second lesson plan finished and posted; two new St. Pete artworks started; one abstract artwork resurrected and being worked on; and a new unbelievable itch to start on yet another project.... what's wrong with me??


Kristin L said...

Definitely Spring Fever -- and so much more fun than the usual cleaning up sort. :-) Enjoy!

Vivien Zepf said...

WOW! You go, girl!

Lynn Cohen said...

first part looks like my backyard, second part looks like what I wish my design table looked like, but its just a mess and my head is cluttered with ideas.