May 29, 2009

journal sketches

Here's what I've been up to in my journal lately. I have been combining acrylic white gesso with acrylic paint and using that as a base on my journal pages, painting the pages a few days ahead. I did a couple of wimpy abstracts which I will not bore you with. Then I moved on to negative space again in a different way. I am not doing exact renderings or realistic color, just having fun with shapes and colors. Using water-soluble crayons to draw with and then smudging with a wet finger.
Oh and I have been doing some work in my studio, mainly stitching away furiously by hand and machine. Nothing finished, everything still in progress and unfortunately many interruptions. But here are two teaser pictures.. When you get a moment, go take a look at my friend Vivien's blog, she's got exciting news to share! I'm so proud of her!


Vivien Zepf said...

Looking forward to seeing the pieces you're working on! And thanks for sharing in my excitement!

Lynn Cohen said...

I love the colors of the paintings and something about the style that draws me in.

Your stitchwork is exquisite.
Do you ever make fabric ATCs per chance to trade? I have created a new blog just for ATCs.