August 12, 2009


We had a wonderful time at the dacha. Our dacha is nothing like the link I provided, but if you want to know all about the Russian dacha it is an interesting read. Here are pictures of the dachas around ours to give you an idea of where I spent my childhood summers. The day after we got back to the city by complete coincidence I wandered into an exhibition of paintings by an artist who's dacha is in the same neighborhood. So now you have a representation of what the outdoors look like around there. The artist is Sergei Nikitich Kovalev. He is turning 90 this Saturday, and only started painting in his 70's after an illustrious ship building career.the pine forest.our little river V'iun (Вьюн)this is the local lake in the fall.


Judy said...

I so enjoyed viewing your dacha pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love those houses with such lush greenery surrounding them...and what amazingly wonderful paintings. How inspiring is that to know he didn't start painting until his 70's. Wow. Gives me hope.