August 01, 2009

Russian quilters

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting several Russian quilters that I have been in touch with by email previously and a few that I actually met last summer. It always so nice meet art-minded people and connect. First I met with the fun ladies of Radova St. Petersburg Quilt Club, here's their website, it has a few pages in English. Most of them have started out as traditional quilters, but are now transitioning to art quilts and are experimenting with clothing and dolls. Here are a few examples of their art quilts and purses. And I just fell in love with the dolls, the exhibit was at the library next door. All the dolls are researched at the ethnological museum and are constructed according to ancient traditions. This one is reversible! How cool is that!
The next day I met with Irina, another quilter. Her website is in Russian, but you'll get to see the work, just click on the titles at the top of the page. I got to see her latest work, it's so fun to see someone's transition from one year to the next.
This has been quite a textile enriched trip and there is more to come!


Kristin L said...

Ack, that little doll on the shelf with the woven shoes is adorable! Irina's work is lovely too. I want to plunge my face into her fabric stash!

sukipoet said...

how wonderful to gather with like minded souls on your trip. these are all wonderful and like you I esp love the dolls. The doll quilt was quite unusual too. thanks for the tour.