September 08, 2009

SAQA auction

I have been behind in informing everyone about the upcoming terrific opportunity to add to their art collection and help out a good cause all in one swift move.
Studio Art Quilts Associates is an organization that I belong to, SAQA helps quilt artists everywhere achieve their goals and promote the art of the quilt. This auction will start on September 10th at 2PM Eastern online.
My contribution is this piece: St. Pete Window/Piterskoie Okno 15. It is one of the pieces in my ongoing Okna/Windows series. Recycling is at the core here: vintage handkerchief, vintage lace, dryer sheets, plastic, paper, synthetic organza. It is printed, painted, free-hand machine embroidered and hand stitched. Here is a detail. Please spread the word and let everyone know about the great art available out there! Thank you!


Gerrie said...

Oooo! I love this!

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely and I love all the recycled bits.

Unknown said... the subtle colors.......dreamy..

Unknown said... the subtle colors.......dreamy..