November 08, 2009

creative everydayx2

Have I been creative? Yup! Crazy Saturday was spend organizing actors and costumes for the Russian School Christmas play. How many snowflakes? How many snow guards? How many daisies? How many princesses? That sort of thing... And how to make them all look fabulous on a very tight budget and time schedule. I'll be working on all those details for a while.Today I spent in my studio putting finishing touches on my Окошечки/Okoshechki/Little Windows that I plan on showing off in my long neglected Etsy store. I have even managed to photograph most of them before dark came. A bit more photography tomorrow and I'll be uploading them finally.
Some exciting news came today too! My friend Jane Davila's book is no longer a secret and is available to order. Doesn't the cover look fabulous?! I have a couple of pieces in it, so I'm dying to see it.


Vivien Zepf said...

Woo Hoo! Can't wait to see it, too!

Kristin L said...

Very exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing teh costumes!