February 28, 2010

february journal diptych

Just in the nick of time I'm squeaking in with February diptych. What you see above is my inspiration from my sketch journal of 2009. It's a doodle I did on 2/2, watercolor and ink. I printed the images out full size on regular copy paper. Tore the edges and used matte medium to glue them onto the 8"x10" canvas boards. I used acrylic paint to go over the exposed canvas and smudged it over the edge of the prints also. Then I printed the images again, this time on ExtravOrganza (silk organza ready for printing). Trimmed the edges and layered wool roving, ripped dyed paper dryer sheets and needle felted into place (without drawing blood this time!). Here they are layered over the canvas boards with more felting and trimming away of the non doodled parts. Here are some close ups of the luscious doodly felting. Then as usual I got too involved in the making and forgot to record my process.... But here's what I did: I used matte medium to adhere the felted organza in a few places to the canvas boards; again with the matte medium I attached bits and pieces of previously dyed vintage lace and the paper dryer sheets; I molded everything into place with a brush dipped into the matte medium, waiting for things to dry a bit and adding and adjusting. And here is the finished February diptych...


Elizabeth said...

What a gloriously textured and layered marvel of a piece!! Thank you so much for sharing your process! I would have never even considered adhereing the roving and felted bits with the gel medium!!!! I also love the lace bits!!!
I am about to sit down with a fresh cup of tea and enjoy your wonderful Interweave DVD for the 3rd time- before I loan it to a friend!!! What a wonderful way to start my day and my week! thank you!!!!

Vivien Zepf said...

Lovely as ever; looks even better in person!