April 06, 2010

celebration mode

Things have been a little busy around here with lots of family stuff going on around Easter. In Russian Orthodoxy it is considered the most important holiday of the year, so we go all out for celebrations that include Bright Monday which is traditionally geared towards children. Here's a photo journey of what's been happening around here.


Elizabeth said...

What lovely photos and beeeeaautiful eggs!!!!!I always loving hearing aobut the cultural traditions of different groups and this was a real treat, Natalya!! Do you know the children's book Rashenka's Eggs by Patricia Pollaco? That has always been one of my daughters and my favorite books. I am not sure that it is Orthodox but it is a charming story about old Russia and pysanky eggs. If you are not aware of it , look for it in the children's section of the library!!! happy Spring!!!

Kristin L said...

Oooh, yarny, fabricy eggs look awesome.

Gina said...

What a wonderful story your photos tell!