April 23, 2010

march diptych take two

Yes, I realize that's nearly the end of April. Unfortunately when I realized that my original plan for the March Diptych failed miserably, it took me a while to get motivated on the corrected version. But inspiration struck and it's here finally. You might remember that I stated with this as inspiration. And it went wrong from there. I wanted to achieve something luscious, rich, textural. What I achieved was just overdone and flat. So I took it apart, actually ripped it off I should say, because it had already been glued to canvas. This is what I had been left with. Painted canvas panels with drips and drabs of overpainted bits left on it. But as an artist working towards my goal to be the ultimate recycler I decided to use this canvas anyway... On the inspiration front I went back to the tried and true tactic of printing out my original image, this time on cotton. Then I had the "brilliant" idea of painting it with gloss gel medium. Why you ask? Well at the time I did not know why, just saw the jar of medium on my desk and thought why not? The reason why came to me later when it was all dry. Because now I could cut it almost like paper and it would not unravel and shred.That's what I did with embroidery scissors and an exacto knife. I achieved a slightly lacy look and then I knew just what to do! I added hot pink netting, cut out bits and pieces from the earlier failed version and meshed it all together. Now I don't feel that the earlier version was a complete waste, as now parts of it live on in the final product. Here are some close ups of the achieved lusciousness. Very girly, don't you think? And here is the official March Diptych 2010.
(April is being worked on now, cross your fingers that I'll actually get it done on time!)


Vivien Zepf said...

EXCELLENT! Can't wait to see it up close and (gasp!) touch it!

Kristin L said...

Is it wrong of me to like the detail photos better than the larger piece? I like getting close into all those luscious bits and pieces.

Robbie said...

I love this piece! Just finished watching your DVD I purchased and it's great! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and sharing you did on the DVD!!