June 21, 2010

a doodly follow up

Things are getting busier and busier around here...I am getting myself and the kids ready for a whirlwind of summer travels. But do not fear, still plenty of art being worked on here...I am furiously stitching away at three pieces that just wanted to burst forth and be created. One of them is for the SAQA auction and I've got to finish it today! Eeek!And I enjoyed so much working on the doodle ACEO's that I wanted to make more. So I painted watercolor paper cards last week and slowly have been doodling away on them.

So... keeping it short and sweet here for now! Be back later in the week with more!


sukipoet said...

love these ACEO's have a wonderful summer with your girls/travels and so on.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

HI NATAYLA, Just wanted to say I loved your piece in AQE. I finally received my catalog this week and it was nice to finally see all the work.