July 15, 2010

Lukomorie Festival - whimsical section

After viewing the exhibit halls in the House of Culture, we strolled a few blocks down the street to see the works exhibited at the Folk and History Museum. Small yet High ceiling rooms were hung salon style with tons of whimsical works. It seemed as though the serious and the whimsical got separated into two groups and hung separately in the two buildings. My girls loved finding hidden butterflies and had a hard time keeping their hands off the dolls here.

In the main room everyone was greeted by this adorable sheep in the clouds, he was made by E. Kozlovskaya from Vologda and called "How nice it is to be up in the clouds!".
These adorable cat dolls were near by. They were made by the members of Studio Dar (Gift) from Ekaterininburg.
The stained glass art quilt just shone on the wall. It showed the picturesque region of Chernogoria and made by L. Krivenko from Kirovograd, Ukraine.
This tiger would have gone home with me if he was for sale, but then I would have had to share it with my daughters... He was called "..in the boots" and made by I. Martinova.
I was awed by this piece called "Night before Christmas, Caroling" by N. Lashko from Kamenetz-Podolski, Ukraine. It represented traditional old fashioned Russian and Ukranian Orthodox caroling in the little seen traditional art of straw weaving on top of a pieced surface. I looked all over the internet to find an English site explaining this traditional craft, only found this with a few words and some pictures. Look at the exquisite details here, I sure hope it won a prize!
I found another felted and sewn work that drew my eye, this one by N. Kuznetzova from Kazan. It was called "Fog". I loved how she stretched the wool roving over the fabric to suggest the fog.
This fun piece must have used up all the buttons in the artists collection. It was called "The White Sun of Australia" and made by I. Fomina from Harkov, Ukraine.
This small treasure reminded me of crazy quilts and of course I was drawn to the sheer nest too. " Oh, How Many New Treasures" by T. Kudrina from Moscow.
At first I thought this was a batik-ed piece, it's called "After the Storm" by V. Puzanova from Saratov.
A garden fantasy was in full bloom here and used lots of recycled materials,
or so I guessed. "Butterflies" by N. Savelieva from Torzhok.
A whole room was dedicated to works from layers of felt. This piece was called "Lilac Bouquet" by L. Golubetzkaya from Nizhnii Tagil.
Amazing layering of all those tiny flowers.
This triptych was made by Studio Dekor from Nizhnii Tagil and called "Stories From the Stone Belt". That area of Russia is known for it's mining of amazing granite, marble and semiprecious stones. The famous Russian Fairytale "Malahitovaya Shkatulka/Malachite Treasure Chest" is based in that region.
Then I came upon this mermaid made by T. Gordeeva from St. Peterburg.
Loved the fun details here...
More magical gardens were shown here in this piece called "Summer" by A. Latipova from Ufa.
I especially loved the dandilion details.


Anonymous said...

This really is eye candy. Thanks for posting all this wonderful work.

Cindy Green said...

They're all just breathtaking, one after the other! Amazing and inspiring!

Kristin L said...

It's all so wonderful. The straw weaving one reminds me of the blackwork in an old book we used to have, but that had been done with wool, not straw! I especially love "The White Sun of Australia" as it has the colors, dots, and bird of Aboriginal artwork, but has been interpreted in a very Russian way with the rich fabrics and layers of embellishments. Super.