November 11, 2010

something different

Today was a lovely day.
I thought the day would be all about my kids (no school) as we started off with a friend being dropped off for a playday, and then headed to the Veteran's day ceremony where my daughters teacher was honored. Then we went to the Katonah Museum of Art for a kids art project day. Little did I know the day turned out to be artistic for me too!
The museum has a map exhibit up now, so all the kids crafts are map related. My kids chose to make masks with their maps. The mask base was provided and they started to cut up the map pieces. As they cut them, they glued them to the mask base. Here are two near completion. Apparently they had a need for red lips! LOLHere's one being diligently worked on. The girls were so preoccupied with their mask making, refusing any help from me, that I decided to play too... I had no idea what to do, but luckily my sketchbook was in my purse, so I started to glue random map pieces around the edges of a two page spread. I knew something would strike me soon, and that's when I noticed the star-like shapes around each mapped city. I started cutting them out and gluing them on my page. When I had enough, I dug into the colored pencil stash and colored in the open areas. I. Had. A. Blast! So did my three cohorts.


Unknown said...

That is a really neat project. I'll have to try it with my kids sometime. I'm glad that you had time to create something as well.

Norma Schlager said...

I loved that map exhibit and it got me to thinking about using maps in a piece. It looks like you all had a good time; your journa; page is super and the kid's masks are very cool.

Lynn Cohen said...

Very very very cool cool cool masks masks masks!!!