June 04, 2011

spiritual tradition

Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending an evening of poetry at the Chelsea Art Museum in NYC. The evening was part of a series of events scheduled around an exhibit titled Concerning the Spiritual Tradition in Russian Art. Some very famous names were represented, you can read a very interesting description on the link above. I found several pieces very inspiring and thought I would share them here with you.
bold detail from Composition by Mikhail Koulakov
Can you feel the passion in that red stroke in The Church of Saint Trifon by Tatiana Levitskaia?
I was in love with the shadows produced by an instalation by Artem Mirolevich
This is detail from Alexander Ney's Weatherman
Shimon Okshteyn, Color of my City (a detail)
How lovely and quilt-like is the detail from a work by Valerii Pianov?
Hope you have a chance to see this wonderful exhibit, it's only open until June 11th.


Gerrie said...

These pieces are beautiful! Love!

Elizabeth said...

That last piece reminds me of some of your wonderful work!! All stunning and inspiring. One of my very favorite classes in college was way outside of my major- Russian Lit, my prof spent a lot of time on poetry and I found it so personal and thought provoking- much more so than that of other cultures.
Thanks so much for sharing- wish I could get to NYC!!!!

my croft said...

oh dear, I think I may have to go into Manhattan . . .