May 22, 2012

a bit of stitching

I started on three new pieces last week, sometimes I like to work in a production line mode! These will be smallish, just 12"x12" when I am done. I am continuing with my cathedrals of St. Petersburg theme since I enjoyed doing my last cathedral piece so much. Here's a blog post about it as I haven't added it to my website yet.
three in progress
I dug into my scrap basket for materials and shredded the scraps even further as I added layers of texture. My collection of snipped threads made it in there too. Machine sketched outlines are done and now I have three pieces ready for some intense hand stitching. I am looking forward to spending my evenings with a needle and thread, it's been a while...
choosing thread
outlines in place
choices, choices, choices...

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Cay Denise said...

Do you have an idea for the image you want to create with the snippets/surplus fabric, or does the image take shape as you're arranging the pieces?