July 10, 2012

fabric art in the woods

I'm just back from spending a little over a week in woods with kids. We are all thoroughly bug bitten, dirty and happy. Just as we should be...

I managed to introduce the kids to fabric painting guerrilla style. First I read a bunch of tutorials online, the day before leaving I did an experiment in my driveway, and two days after arriving in the wilderness made 20 kids ages six to ten sunprint bandannas in the woods. They had a blast and so did I!
the sun was hot that day, just what the crazy fabric lady ordered!
The basic concept was easy to grasp and making a mess was the bonus treat. Even the boys enjoyed it for a bit.... I just ran laps around them with a huge spray bottle of water and attempted to convince them to not over do it. Hah!
gorgeous results
how to wear your bandanna
The girls of course took it to the next level. Embroidery was such a hit, even the boys came back for more crafting. And from now on children will be threading ALL my needles always.
nimble fingers


Unknown said...

This is a really cool idea. We have had a lot of dry sunny days, so I will have to try this with my kids.

Vivien Zepf said...

These turned out great!