August 19, 2012

the graffiti report

You know how sometimes certain things catch your eye for days at a time for no reason at all? That seems to have happened to me this summer... I don't know why, but graffiti has been attracting my eye lately. I have been photographing all that has snagged my attention and analyzing is a selection of my favorites.
funny characters
adorable creatures
lacy light handed doodles
soft and delicate/rough and raw
love elephants!
excellent lettering!
 Ready for some deep analysis? It's the combination of colors, the juxtaposition of shapes and the layers of intriguing imagery....OK, so no deep analysis here... just enjoying the artistry of it all!


Anonymous said...

enjoying the graffiti...Our town does not have such expressive and colorful paintings. But then we don't need to have spray paint locked in cages at the stores where it is sold ;-)

Kristin L said...

I see a parallel with your work in the lacy and the delicate/raw collections. And who can resist interesting creatures? Melanie Testa is doing some work with graffiti style right now. I wonder if there is some zeitgeist emerging?

Rayna said...

I take pictures of graffiti wherever I go - isn't it wonderful??