December 15, 2012

almost finished

My birthday gift to you is almost finished! Here are some of the latest teaser shots.

Did you leave a comment here or post on my Facebook page or reply to my newsletter? Did you sign up for my newsletter by the way? And did you tell me what kind of mood my artwork evokes for you? If you do so before Monday morning 7AM EST you'll be entered to win this little artwork. Yup, it's my birthday, but you get the gift! The drawing will take place right here on Monday December 17th.


Vivien Zepf said...

The mood it evokes is AWE because it looks just fabulous. I just want to sit and absorb all the details. Beautiful, Natalya! Can't believe you're willing to part with it.

Bee said...

Happy Birthday, Natalya! What a generous way to celebrate your birthday! Your art evokes wonder because of the skillful way you capture incredible architectural details.