March 11, 2013


Phew! Done! I blogged about my process here, and it is built. Below are the details and the full image of "Enlightened", and NYC themed artwork that will exhibited this April at the Mahopac library in Mahopac, NY with FiberArt NorthEast (details on the exhibition soon).

Enlightened © Natalya Aikens 2013
This artwork is composed of mostly recycled materials ( plastic bags, wool scarf ), only the thread used is new. Oh and the canvas of course. Measuring 14"x14" on an 18"x18" canvas. Inspired by the lines: 
"Ethereal, frail, and like an opening rose,
I see my city with an enlightened eye."
By Anna Hempstead Branch from her poem " New York at Sunrise".


Regina B Dunn said...

Oh My!!! The materials you chose for the different parts seem perfect for what they represent. And the stitching is also perfect. You are very talented and have great artistic vision.

Anonymous said...

Love your use of line/thread, both hand and machine stitched.

Kristin L said...

Nice! I really like the way you've treated the railings, and how the line work extends just a bit beyond the color blocks.

Vivien Zepf said...

I really like the direction you took with this piece. Well done!

george jushchenko said...

Beautiful. I love how it turned out!

Ellen Lindner said...

This is lovely, Natalya.

Can you tell me how you finished the edges of the piece? It looks like some of your stitching continues onto the stretched canvas.