May 30, 2013

while waiting..

..for the paint to dry. Literally, on my first home portrait. I thought I'd get started on the next one. This one is on the left coast and completely different. Which is exactly what makes it exciting for me. How will I translate this into stitch? I don't know... wait and see.
The ephemera is brochures, receipts and house plans
The ephemera I was supplied with this time is strictly paper.
Gorgeous maps to work with!
I adore maps. Always have. I some ways I miss the pre-GPS days, when you had to map out your trip. Love pouring over all the markings, imagining places and trips to take.
Immediately I started cutting them out.
Before I even knew what I was doing, I started cutting out the maps. This piece is definitely screaming "collage me"! So collage it I will.
wish I could be there...
How will the receipts fit in? I don't know yet.
Tracing paper overlay to see what could fit in.
I made a tracing paper 12"x12" square to play with and see what will fit in and what will not.
Wrapped around the canvas.
Then I gave up and just tried wrapping the whole thing around a canvas to get a better idea. I don't want to cut up the house plans just yet...
The gorgeous house!
I was so wrapped up with playing with all the paper goodies, I haven't even yet even figured out how to get the house involved yet...Hmmmmm....


Jeannie said...

Natalya, this is so exciting! I love what you are doing with the maps. Perhaps some printing on sheers for layers? Prayer flags from the receipts? Can you tell I find this project of your's exciting? LOL! I look forward to seeing how this progresses. Have fun!

Karen L R said...

I love it already.

I am also a map person. Especially when there is no cell service. :-)

Can't wait to see the finished project, Natalya.