July 12, 2013

decisions, decisions...

I've had to make quite a few decisions with this home portrait current commission. Lots of materials to choose from, need less than half of what's on hand... making the hard cuts. I pondered for a long time, leaving different arrangements to wait on my work table, coming back days later and seeing things clearer.
narrowing down my options
making choices and choosing angles
thread choices
stitching the outlines
adding interest - the wonderful Tiki statue by the front entry must make an appearance
adding oil sticks and acrylic paint to amp up or tone down the details
contemplating future stitching
perhaps a layer of tulle is in the future?
more paint?
I have many more choices to make here. I see free-hand machine embroidery and hand stitching in my near future. First I must let my eyes rest a bit...


Giddings Art said...

Great color choices and I love all the texture! Each one is more amazing than the last! It does help to walk away and come back to later with fresh eyes. I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

Deidre said...

Your process is fascinating. Love the layering, and can't wait to see the finished result!