August 09, 2013

home abstracted

Another home portrait is complete. As expected it is completely different from the others. This home is very full of clean lines and angles. Photographs of the inside directed my choice for the layout of ephemera on the canvas. As you can see I have narrowed down the overwhelming selection quite a bit. Sorry, but the sequins did not make the cut. Gold lycra and the first place ribbon did though...
lots of stippling along with paint
the triple stipple stitch was fun
sound of music got long stitches for the shadow
tiki man by the front door had to be in here
Irvine © Natalya Aikens 2013
The owners approved! Here's a look back at the evolution of this piece. Thanks for checking it out!


Martha C. Hall said...

I love how you've incorporated the blue ribbon. I think I would be completely stymied by the random piles of materials you are given to work with, but you have an amazing eye to making it all work. Love all your home portraits!

Wen said...

loving the fab fabric collage.
The music must be a personal note
(no pun intended)