August 26, 2013

the sketchiness factor

It's an important factor to me. I like some of my artwork to look as it was sketched with a pencil. Strong deliberate strokes. Hard to achieve in thread. But I am happy with my results in this piece. It was started a looooong time ago, and is the last of four to be completed. Here was one, then two, and three not too long ago. There maybe a few more in the pipeline in the future..

Meanwhile this one is finally finished. Knowing when to stop is a fine line too. It took me a long time to decide that I was done. I could have gone on indefinitely I think, and then all would have been lost.
the top
the bottom
the inside
Dormition Cupola © 2013 Natalya Aikens
I truly enjoy the long process of hand stitching. The meditative aspect of it is restorative. The contemplative aspect is eye opening. The tactile aspect is simply pleasure.

Recycled fabric scraps, various cotton, rayon, and metallic threads. 12"x12" on stretched canvas with a gold acrylic painted edge.


Karen L R said...

I love your work, Natalya...and I enjoy reading about your process and how it makes you feel. Such a treat.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Cate Rose said...

Really awesome, Natalya. I love how you focus in on a tiny area of a larger image, love the wonky perspective.

Kristin L said...

I really love this series, not just for the sketchiness factor, but their painterly aspects as well. I hope to see more. I hope to see more of the linear plastic bag ones too. Ooh, I just realized that your "language" for Russian architecture is rich and painterly, and your language for New York is more streamlined and angular.

shoune said...

Vraiment beau travail!
Hâte de voir la suite!
Denise B. (Québec)

Unknown said...

Stunning. I very much love your work and appreciate your blog.