September 16, 2013

I changed my mind

Yup. As soon as I published my last blog post, I promptly changed my mind. Glanced again at my abandoned plan for a layout based on the planter picture, glanced at my multi-multi-multi-patterned layout and it just felt wrong. So I pulled out the photo with the planters again, pulled out my ephemera, this time concentrating on the less patterned items and thought things over.
I simplified
chose larger patterns
examined with the tracing paper overlay
refined some choices
chose a variegated thread to stitch with
and stitched.
it felt right this time
So glad I changed my mind. I got to use the hand dyed fabric that I loved so much, the wonderfully aged napkins and still used the doodle pattern papers too. Now I will do some extensive hand stitching to help define different areas, perhaps some oil sticks or paint will come into play.
choosing hand stitching thread
how to stitch while still letting the pattern show through?
Now I will take my time with one of my favorite processes, the meditative hand stitch...


Kristin L said...

You were so right to change your mind! The legs don't get so lost now. ;-)

Lily Vincent said...

I am absolutely amazed with your creativity with your art! You take "mixed media" to a whole new level. I'm inspired!

Taylor |