October 20, 2013

a foodie moment

Cooking has kept me and my kitchen very very occupied for a big part of the week. We turned this weekend into a Russian food feast and I'm showing you the results of my excuse for not stitching much...
Our everyday food experience is rather utilitarian and sometimes even on the run, so an excuse to set a beautiful table and make artful arrangements of food is always welcome.
a feast
molded fish in aspic
roast beef, tongue and kolbasa Russian style
herring under a blanket
lobio, kidney beans Georgian style
chicken pate, my mama's version
olivier the Russian every thing salad
And those were just the ones I remembered to photograph! By the way for anyone non-Russian interested in Russian food, I alway recommend The Art of Russian Cuisine by Anne Volokh. She does an excellent job.

....and now back to stitching...


Gerrie said...

It all looks so delicious. Wow! What a feast.

kliaksa said...

Как аппетитно! Пир удался!