March 16, 2014

what the fiber

There is a wonderful exhibit that I can recommend for you to see if you're anywhere near New Jersey. It's called What The Fiber and it's on view at the West Windsor Art Center in Princeton Junction. Some great art representing terrific women artists whom I honored to be among! It's up until May 2nd.
My work on the right is in awesome company with Diane Savona

Another one of mine on the right, in company with Judith Plotner and Judy Langille

Me giving a two minute speech at the opening last week...eeek!
It's lovely large, well lit gallery that does great work, totally worth a visit!


Kristin L said...

If only New Jersey were just a leetle bit closer, I'd love to see all that wonderful work in the cloth.

DWhiteCreations said...

I agree, would be nice to visit in person...nice

Vivien Zepf said...

Go Natalya! Looks like a fabulous exhibition!