May 11, 2014

a lovely evening

Thank you to all the lovely people who came and all the lovely people who couldn't, but wished me well. 'Twas a lovely evening graciously organized by Julie, the owner of Etui Fiber Arts Gallery.

Here are a few pictures of the festivities:
Auntie Ann approved of the placement.
My official photographer got photographed
Friends enjoyed checking things out
Guest appearances were delightful.
My supportive FANE friends are always a hoot!
Yes, we had art in the bathroom. It fit perfectly.
Guests came in all ages.
Friends traveled far and wide.
The exhibit is up through June 3rd and the gallery is open during business hours. If you are making a special trip to the area do let me know as I would love to meet you at the gallery and happy to explain my work.
PS all photos are by my official Art By Natalya photographer aka my younger daughter who insisted that I give her credit and by Auntie Ann.


rossichka said...

Hello, Natalya! Everything looks perfect - your art works, the space, the visitors, carefully watching, discussing and smiling, the gallery itself. Good for your daughter - she played a significant role in that exciting event!:) Congratulations!

Kristin L said...

Looks like it was a great night. I really wish I could have been there. and yes, it's always important to give credit to the photographer. :-)

Vivien Zepf said...

I am so happy for you !! Your artwork looks fabulous and the opening reception was great fun!

Karen L R said...

Oh, I am so sorry I missed this wonderful gathering! Congratulations to you on this fine show, and to Julie, too. Her new space looks gorgeous.

Norma Schlager said...

So sorry that I had to miss it. It looks fabulous, as I knew it would be.