August 10, 2014

Buckingham road

Is ready for the world to see! This home portrait took a bit longer due to summer vacation interruptions, but it's done before the summer is. I was able to feature the home owners favorites like the passport page, the sheet music, the tweed and the wedding veil. And I had fun with the mod selection of upholstery fabrics! Oh and the patterned plastic bag, my heart went a flutter when I saw it!

Let's start with a few detail shots:
the tweed with a bit of a passport page
sheet music with a wedding veil layer stitched
mod pattern stitched for texture and tone, and printed plastic leaves to suggest trees
the perfect fabric to suggest flowering bushes
Buckingham Road ©2014 Natalya Aikens
Click here to see the in-progress posts for Buckingham Road. To get in queue for your own home portrait click here!


Giddings Art said...

Beautiful!! Once again you amaze me. I love your work!

Vivien Zepf said...

Natalya, it's beautiful! The owners will love it!

Paula Kovarik said...

Great job!

Sharon W. said...

Your best yet! Any chance of a forthcoming workshop on this technique? Or a book? It does seem an approach which is yours alone!!!!