October 02, 2014

revisions, revisions...

The following two artworks were never shared on this blog or posted in an update to my website. Why? First, there were time limitations. I finished both just in time for my solo exhibition and didn't even get a chance to photograph them before they got hung on the wall. And second. Well... when they came off the wall, I felt like something was missing. These two demanded more. More hand stitching it turned out to be. So over the summer and into the autumn I stitched.

And now I present to you...
sparkly french knots
bright yarn on grayish plastic
Early Morning © Natalya Aikens
shades of bright green
tiny stitches and french knots
Electric © Natalya Aikens
I'm happy with these two now, and soon I will add them to my website. I promise.


Lisa said...

Love them both but my fave is Electric and it's colors!

Unknown said...

I liked Electric before, but now it really sings! It has that exuberance of Spring now.