February 20, 2015


I had a plan for the next few steps of the Spruce street home portrait. And plans usually...well....they sure do love change...

First I tried different fabrics in many different layouts. Here's one that I sort of stuck with.
the only thing definite in this layout was the mustard fabric for the house
tracing paper overlay to see how it would look
Then I decided that I need to thread sketch the house first and then play with the background fabrics.
here's option number one, and I committed to the tree here
tried playing with lace
switched grass and sky again
I think that I am committed to my layout now. Especially since I added the dark green plastic netting to the grass. How could I resist using it???
final layout for now... only the house and the grass are set in stone. or are they?
cool view eh?
If I am brave enough, I will start adding some hand stitching today and decide on the strength of my commitment.


Karen L R said...

I love watching your process. (The grass...keep it!)

Whynottryitagain: movies, quilts, making said...

I also enjoy sharing in your process; thank you! I like how the final floral fabric choice (above the house) suggests the internal aspect of the house. I also like the use of thread sketching. Very cool.