October 28, 2015

a bit more progress..

Hand stitching takes a long time. It can be slow meditative time, engrossed in a conversation time, or listening to music/book time. All of the above were in this stitching time.

I have come to resting point now. Let the piece rest, gaze upon it and decide if it needs more stitching, how much more stitching and what kind of more stitching.

I thought I'd share a few close up of of the current stitching on this home portrait so far.
the tower
a window
texture on texture
roof tiles
front door
I'll get back with more pictures after I mull it over...


Vivien Zepf said...

Looks great! It's fun to see the transition from ephemera to thin stitched line, to complete picture.

Giddings Art said...

I love watching your progress!

Karen L R said...

The dimensionality your have created with layers and stitches is amazing. xo

Lisa said...

Loving that hand stitching!!!

Karen said...

Im so happy to have discovered your work via Artsy Shark! Your work is so special and personal! I love connecting with other artists! ~Karen