December 14, 2015

somewhat abstracted

I'm doing some year end inventory here, preparing for the December newsletter where I will be showing an overview of the artwork that I created in 2015. As I'm adding things up and checking things off, I noticed that I neglected to share a few pieces...
a detail first
Every now and then I get the urge to do something abstract. These four pieces came about because I was looking for specific scrap for something that I was working on and came upon my basket of trimmed off edges. Yes I do save everything...even the trimmed off edges of finished works. They were already collaged and stitched. So I collaged and stitched them some more!

The Architectural Fragments are 8"x10" and are mounted on Ampersand Hardbord with painted edges. They are $200 each if you'd like to purchase. Just email me: natalya @ artbynatalya . com
architectural fragments 1.1
architectural fragments 1.2
architectural fragments 1.3
architectural fragments 1.4
I thoroughly enjoyed collaging my scraps. It was a therapeutic challenge that's pleasing to the eye...


Vivien Zepf said...

Like modern stained glass!

sukipoet said...

a great way to use the scraps. I save paper scraps and sometimes the way they fall in the box or when piled on the table suggests a design. Fun.