January 27, 2016

the little hump backed horse

Hello! long time.... Happy New Year!

As you might imagine life has been busy. The projects in the pictures below have consumed my life for the past two months. It was fun, challenging and hard work. And now it's done. Here's proof (in order of appearance on stage):
Ivan and the magical horses
Magical horses again
Ivan and the Little Humpbacked Horse find the Firebirds feather
the bazaar scene
The Tzar arrives
the Tzar and his Attendant
the Firebirds dance
and dance some more
I love this blurry image of the Firebird being captured
The Tzarina Maiden
the Moon and the Sun
the Fishes
Fish begging forgiveness from the King Whale 
more Fishes
The Tzarina Maiden with her Prince Ivan magically transformed 
my favorite colorful players
how adorable are they?
and for good measure the Moon and the Sun again...
That was a lot of pictures I know, hope you enjoyed them, I could have posted many many more! Here's the English version of the story if you would like to read it.
Now off to clean up my studio and make some art!

Oh and I must confess... I stole all these pictures from my friend Ekaterina who painted the fish heads and horse heads for me. I have an excuse! I was back stage helping with costume changes! And she did give me permission. Really.


Sandy said...

Love, Love, love these! Brilliant horse heads.
Didn't find a link to the English version of the story.

We had some wee Russian children gate crashing our textile art group on Saturday. We were revealing the work for our next exhibition. Since the beginning of the year they meet in a small room at the Community Centre. Seems a bit like a Russian mums and tots - teaching them Russian nursery rhymes and little songs. (Or at least, that is what it sounded like.) At lunch time two little girls came into the hall where we were setting up our artwork. Holding hands for bravery and with wide eyes focussed straight on the work, never mind the busy ladies all around! And then one of the girls pulled her mum into the room to look. ;-)
We only meet 4x a year, but if they continue, it will be interesting to see how they respond to workshops!
I thought of you and your costumes and plays. If I had enough energy these days, I would give them your bright idea and say I would love to costume for them! ;-)
Thanks for sharing this part of your life. I think it is amazing!
Sandy in the UK

Giddings Art said...

Thank you for sharing these photos! The play looks wonderful and the costumes are amazing!!

Vivien Zepf said...

Incredible and amazing! These are wonderful costumes; what a spectacle!! Congratulations!

Marlis said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Natalya. The costumes are amazing! Congratulations!

Norma Schlager said...

These costumes are worthy of Broadway. You always do an incredible job and this year was over the top! Bravo!!

Karen L R said...

I always look forward to these annual posts, Natalya, and this year's was just amazing! Your imagination, creativity and hard work shine through in this wonderful work that you do. So well done, friend!