July 28, 2016

getting close

My first mini-series is almost finished. The hand-stitching is done, now I just have to adhere them to canvases, trim, paint the edges and wire for hanging. I think I'll leave that for a bit later when I'm not in the mood to stitch, because I'm really in the mood to keep stitching.

I've had the pleasure of keeping really long studio hours while my kids were in camp and really got into the groove. Now the kids are back and studio hours are kind of limited, until they go on their next adventure, but I'm squeezing in every minute I can.

I'll reveal the miniseries in its entirety when all the edges are finished. Meanwhile, here is a tease close-up of each one.

First the fire escapes, they are done with the simplest, cleanest stitches.

And now the water towers, these turned out to be much more complicated than the fire escapes.

Next up - bridges, or perhaps bridge parts.... I'll let you know soon!