August 21, 2016


Stitching, stitching, stitching. That's what I've been doing every spare minute. And that allows me to say that I have just completed three little bridges. Well, aside from trimming and finishing, which I'll do probably next week on all the little pieces in one fell swoop, assembly line style.

Here are my three bridges, which will finish at 8"x8", in the order of their completion. I enjoyed taking pictures of the backs as they developed, so you get to see two each. I wonder if anyone will figure out which NY bridges they are? Seems obvious to me, but I may have been staring too long....
back of bridge 1 in progress
back of bridge 1 completed
front of bridge 1
back of bridge 2 in progress
back of bridge 2 almost completed
front of bridge 2
back of bridge 3 starting
back of bridge 3 almost completed
front of bridge 3
Now I going to start stitching two slightly bigger bridges. Stay tuned!

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Cate Rose said...

Amazing work Natalya!