November 02, 2016

framing things

I have been focused on the business side of art lately. (With a bit of teaching prep thrown in!) And that meant frames this time!

I have listened to advice of experts and spent the time (and money) and framed quite a few of my pieces. Let's just say it's been a learning curve.... I have been adhering my embroideries to stretched canvas for a long time now, and then painting the edges, and I really love that look. So I was afraid that it would get spoiled in a frame. But it's just a matter of the right frame though... I went for simple and black, some shadow boxes, no glass, except for three little pieces that benefitted from mats also.

So here are some examples:
my dining room table production line...

you can see the three glassed and matted pieces here
I even framed two larger pieces. This is a corner of Iron Spine 4
Manhattan Bridge got framed
so did the Whitestone bridge

I really liked putting my abstracts on a white background and a shadow box.

Tappan Zee bridge got framed, I'm waiting patiently to do the new TZ soon!

Iron Spine 1 also got framed.
I am resisting putting these pieces up on my website as I have a few events coming up where they will up for sale. So if you're interested in these just shoot me an email!


Gail Ellspermann said...

They look terrific in frames. Fiber Artists want their work to be recognized as the art it is and I think that means framing and/or mounting it on a canvas, board, or some other surface. Here's hoping you're pieces sell fast!

Giddings Art said...

So much beautiful work!! It looks fantastic in frames. I still love the look on stretched canvas too.

Unknown said...

Your framing is a great addition and enhancement of your gorgeous work Natalya! Congrats!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Love the look of your art in frames! It has me thinking that I should do the same for my smaller fiber art pieces. Thanks for sharing!

JB said...

Are your frames made by a local framer or are they a mass market item. They look like something I would be interested in purchasing for my works.

Jane LaFazio said...

Darn, these look great! I want to do this. Or better yet, will you come to my studio and do it for me? xoxox