November 05, 2007

journal quilt

A day late, but here none the less is my journal quilt for the week - 44/52.

For some reason that I did not ponder too much I was in the mood to do some hand stitching this week. Good thing too, because hand stitching that small I can carry around with me on errands or just around the house and do a stitch or two in just a few minutes at a time and that is exactly how this week was. It is a sleeve from one of my husbands shirts, not to worry I didn't take it off his back. It was worn well and long and was designated for the thrift store pile when I rescued it. I chose a cotton hand-dyed (not by me, Oliver Twists I believe) variegated thread and stitched in circles and swirls. Then I took some gold gouache to it and voila!

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